Administration Office Contacts:

If you need to contact Village Hall personnel, please call (920) 989-1589 or e-mail staff at the following addresses:

The Clerk-Treasurer is Sadie Slotke and she can be contacted at or ext. 225.

The Village Administrator is Interim-Administrator Diane Wessel.  Diane can be contacted at ext. 224 or e-mailed at

The Utility and Finance Clerk is VACANT.  Utilities can be contacted at ext. 222 or e-mailed at

The Office Coordinator/Deputy Clerk is Interim-Jessica Benotch who can be contacted at ext. 221 or e-mailed at

The Parks & Recreation Coordinator is Brenda Stumpf.  Brenda can be contacted at ext. 223 or e-mailed at  

Note:  If you wish to e-mail the Village Board, their e-mails are located on the Contact Us page.