General Information

 NEW Residents

Welcome to Sherwood!                                                                 Village Office: 920-989-1589

When you move into your new home, please complete the following:

  • Prior to moving into your new home, please call the Village Office to put your name on your water/sewer account.
  • Emergency Address Sign: this is required by Village Ordinance.  Please verify your residence has an emergency address sign installed properly.  If you need one, please call the Village Office to order one.
  • Please verify that your residence has 1 garbage cart and 1 recycling cart.  Please call the Village Office with any questions or concerns.
  • All dogs over the age of 5 months old need to be registered with the Village.  Please provide a current rabies certificate.  Dog registration can be done in person at the Village Office, or you may mail in payment with rabies certificate and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. 
Please feel free to call the Village Office with ANY questions or concerns.  Office hours: 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday (excluding weekends).

  Report Street Light Outage

Help keep our community safe.  Please report street light outages. To make a report note the location and the pole number located on a metal tag on the pole.  Call We Energies at 800-242-9137 to make a report.

 What is the phone number for the Sherwood Post Office?

Sherwood Post Office's phone number is 989-1999.


 Who do I call if my street light is burned out?

You should call WE Energies at 800-242-9137.  You’ll be asked for the number on the pole and what the nearest address is to the pole.  You may also report the street light outage online here:  

Report Street Light Out Online


 Where is the nearest public library?

The Village of Sherwood does not have a public library.  Fortunately, there are a number of local area libraries, which are relatively close for our residents.  The closest public libraries are the Kaukauna Public Library, the Menasha Public Library and the Chilton Public Library:

Kaukauna Public Library
207 Thilmany Road, Suite #200, Kaukauna, WI (Approx. 14 minutes away)
Phone:  920-766-6340

Menasha Public Library
440 1st Street, Menasha, WI (Approx. 17 minutes away)
Phone:  920-967-3690

Chilton Public Library
221 Park Street, Chilton, WI (Approx. 21 minutes away)
Phone:  920-849-4414


 I noticed a street light is out/flashing at night/does not shut off in my neighborhood. How do I get it fixed?

Please contact WE Energies to report the problem with the street light.  You can either call WE Energies to report it (800-662-4797) or you can report the request online here.


 Where can I dispose of my of my expired or leftover medication safely?

Please refer here to obtain a current listing of safe drug drop locations for Calumet County, Outagamie County and Winnebago County residents.


 What are those green house numbers for? How do I get one?

The Village enacted Ordinance No. 69 requiring the placing of emergency street identification numbers upon all residences, places of business and other primary building structures with the Village limits.  The green numbers help emergency responders find your home in the event of an emergency.   Residents of a newly built home can call the Village office to order a number.  The initial order is always at the Village expense; replacement signs are at the homeowner’s expense.

 Do I need a permit to do landscaping?

You do not need a permit to do any landscaping unless it involves a structure, i.e., patio, deck, fence, arbor.  Also, your landscaping cannot change the drainage of your lot.  If you have any questions, please contact the Village office.  We also remind you to contact Diggers Hotline before any digging begins.  Diggers Hotline’s phone number is 800-242-8511.


 Can I have a fire pit in my yard?

Yes, you can have a fire pit, but please use care and common sense when burning.  Fires should be tended when burning, you should have a source to extinguish the fire nearby, and burning shouldn't be a nuisance to your neighbors.  We also recommend checking weather conditions with Harrison Fire Rescue or the WI DNR to ensure it is safe to have an outdoor fire - check out current burning restrictions here.


 What are the Village's regulations about installing a fence?

Fence construction is covered in our zoning code.  As stated above, fences require a permit.  You’ll need to complete an application for a land use permit and submit it with a $25 permit fee.  In general, a fence may be located any where on your lot except within one foot of the front lot line and within four inches of a side or rear lot line. Posts are to be placed on the interior side of the fence.  Height – 4 feet on front and corner side yards, all other yards 6 feet.  Please refer to the code for a list of exceptions and a full description of construction requirements.  In addition, some subdivisions have restrictive covenants in regard to fencing.


 What is the Village’s regulation on Noxious Weeds?

Noxious weeds and/or rank growth are regulated in our Village Municipal Code.  Noxious weeds are defined in Wisconsin Statutes, Section 66.96 and 66.955 to include: Canada thistle, Leafy Spurge, Field Bindweed (Creeping Jenny), any non-native member of the genus Lythrum (Purple Loose Strife) or hybrids thereof, and Multiflora Rose.  Rank growth is defined as lawns, grasses and other vegetative growth on undeveloped lots or platted parcels of land which exceed 8” in length on undeveloped platted parcels except for property located in a designated floodplain, wetland or storm water detention area.

Check out there for more specific information regarding our noxious weed/rank growth regulations.

If you have a complaint about a neighboring property that is not in compliance with the ordinance, please call the Village office.  The Village will issue a notice giving the owner ten days to comply.  After ten days of notice, the Village will cut, and the expense shall be placed on the tax role as a special charge against the property.


 What are the Village’s regulations about vehicle storage and parking?

Vehicles are classified in three categories according to size, regardless of the use trailers.  (Boats, campers, cars and trucks are vehicles for the purpose of the zoning code.)

A Class I vehicle (other than a recreation vehicle) does not exceed 20 feet in length, seven feet in width and eight feet in height.

A Class II vehicle is not a Class I vehicle and does not exceed 23 feet in length and does not exceed 12,000 pounds.

A Class III vehicle is neither a Class I nor a Class II vehicle.

Storage in a Garage

Any number of Class I, II, or III vehicles can be stored in a garage in a residential district.  Class III vehicles shall be stored only in a completely enclosed garage.

Storage in parking lots

Any number of Class I or Class II vehicles can be stored in lawfully existing parking lots in any multiple family residential district provided it does not reduce the availability of off street parking spaces.  No Class III vehicle shall be stored in a parking lot in a residential district area.

Storage in parking areas

The maximum number of vehicles permitted to be stored in all parking areas on any lot in a single family residential district shall be as follows:

Total Vehicles:  Four

Class I: Four

Class II: One

Class III: none

Note:  Class II vehicles cannot be parked in front or corner side yards

Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles cannot be stored in lots or parking areas in a residential district.



Village Parking Code Chapter 20 Art. I — No parking is allowed between 2:30 AM and 6:30 AM on Village streets between Nov. 1 through April 15.  Vehicles in violation will be ticketed for noncompliance and may be towed.


For additional information on general regulations and standards about surface, screening, etc., or for the zoning code governing vehicle parking and storage in its entirety, please stop in at the Village office.