Solicitor's License

Anyone going door-to-door selling goods or services in Sherwood needs to have a solicitor's permit, which involves an application with the Clerk, a thorough background check, and approval by the Village Board. If an approved solicitor arrives at your house, they will have a permit signed by the Clerk. If you encounter a solicitor who doesn't have an approved permit, please inform the Village Office or the Calumet County Sheriff's Department.

Licenses do not cover the business; each person selling on behalf of a business must have an individual license.  The following is a list of approved solicitor's licenses:


Mad City Windows and Bath; permits expire 09/26/2024

  1. Tyler Bushnick
  2. Jakob Butterfield
  3. Benjamin Augustin

If you are interested in obtaining a solicitor's license, please click here for more information.