Yard Waste Site


 Where is the Yard Waste Site located?

Sherwood's Yard Waste Site is located at the southeast corner of Military Road and Kesler Road.  

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 What are the Yard Waste Site hours?


Wet conditions of Yard Waste Site may prevent site from being open - open availability to be determined.


Tuesdays and Thursdays:  2pm - 6pm
Saturdays:  8am - 3pm

Sundays: 9am - noon


The first two (2) weekends
 in November:  Saturday 9 AM - 3 PM, Sunday: 9am - noon.


 What are the Yard Waste Site rules?

  • The Yard Waste site accepts yard waste only!  No plastic of any kind, including garbage bags.
  • "Dump" grass clippings, leaves, and small branches into the the dumpster (or on the pile). Do not leave plastic bags in or around dumping area.
  • No branches greater than 4 inches in diameter by 4 feet in length are accepted.  Any items larger than stated should be disposed at your own expense (you may contact our local waste carrier).
  • Landscaping material, rocks, bricks, t-posts, dirt, and sod etc. are prohibited!
  • Please remember, this is NOT A GARBAGE DROP SITE.  Any questions for disposing of other items, please contact the Village Office at 989-1589 for a referral for a proper disposal site.

 What do I do with my Christmas tree?


The Yard Waste Site is open to dispose of Christmas trees after the holiday anytime during the month of January.